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I’ve been there

Following my own experience of being childless not by choice, I’ve made it my purpose to transform other childless women’s experience of themselves as “not enough”.

I can help

I offer yoga and meditation to help women recover physically and emotionally from the grief of childlessness, and coaching to help them rediscover their joy and purpose in life.

Together we can create you a joyous present and future

I want all childless women, living a life they didn’t imagine, to see themselves as courageous and unlimited, with the freedom to create a joyous present and future.

Finding your ‘what next’ in a life without children

Working as a yoga teacher, meditation teacher and personal coach, I create effective strategies for both your body and soul – including pranayama (breath work), self-compassion and self-care techniques.

Coaching will help you regain your confidence and motivation as together we explore new perspectives and options to help you find your path forward. The goal is to enable you to live a rewarding life, with optimism and joy.

One to one online or in person coaching and yoga

I offer one to one online coaching, online yoga classes and meditation, private yoga classes in Oxford, and nurturing weekend yoga retreats at a beautiful country house, just 10 miles south of Oxford.
Yoga Studio

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About Us

Welcome to Butterfly and Beyond.

It would be my great privilege and pleasure to use my experiences and skills to work with you, helping you not only cope with your childlessness, but create a joyous present and future.

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